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  • Any violations of the Terms and Conditions may result in us terminating our services to you.



You have the right to cancel any order that has been placed and are entitled to a refund of any monies paid. As we aim to dispatch orders as quickly as we can so that you recieve the item as soon as possible, please let us know as soon as possible by either: 

Email: hello@annadavyjewellery.co.uk 

Telephone: 07919 215745

If you have ordered through our nuMONDAY Store, please can you contact us via the message form on our nuMONDAY store site.


If the item has already been dispatched, you still have the right to cancel an order within 14 days of receiving the order (under the Consumer Contracts Regulations ). Please provide us with written confirmation of your deciscion to cancel, and return the goods in an unused condition back to us, in it's original packaging to the address as above (and as stated on our Home Page on this Site or on your Receipt).

The goods must be returned to us within 14 days of you confirming to us of your decision to cancel.

We will refund you within 14 days of recieving the goods or proof of postage.

Postage costs will be refunded.

We do not accept cancellations on Personalised Items or Commission Work unless faulty whereby you have the right to a refund, repair, exhange and to refuse the goods.


Pricing Information

All products are priced using British Pound Sterling £GBP including VAT. Orders will be processed using the published prices on the site. Every effort is made to ensure that the pricing is correct at time of publishing. In the event of a pricing error, please contact us and we will endeavour to resolve this for you in a way that is satisfactory to you, including reimbursing any price differences. 

We reserve the right to review and change our prices at any time and without notice. Any changes that have been made will not affect any orders that have already been placed.

Problems With Your Order

We will notify you as soon as we have been made aware of a problem with processing your order.


Materials Disclaimer

We only use high quality materials  from trusted suppliers to ensure that the metals used are of Hallmarking Quality and that the Semi-Precious Gemstones are sourced from reputable and trusted suppliers. We do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the descriptions given by suppliers for these products.


Product Description and Photos

Every effort is made to describe the product and to provide photos that reflect the piece as accurately as possible within a set limit. Due to the items being handcrafted and the nature of materials used, there may be slight variations between the images you see online and when you are in receipt of the item. This is especially in the case of how Semi-Precious Gemstones and Oxidised Pieces can capture the light.


Likewise we cannot guarantee how accurate your device or computer monitor is when displaying the images.


Please note that a macro zoom is used when photographing 'close up'  photos in order to capture as much detail as possible and does not represent ‘actual’ size of the product. Information on the size and dimensions of the product can be found in their descriptions.


We have used the overlay 'Flare' in some of the photos which is intended for visual effect only. It will be stated in the Product Description if this has been done and the original photo of the product will be displayed to be used as reference.

Some photos may be in Black and white.


If you are unhappy with the item or feel that it is inaccurately described you may return the item to us using our Delivery and Returns Policy - shipping costs will be refunded.

Medical Disclaimer

Any information given on this site relating to Precious and Semiprecious Gemstones and the Healing Properties that they may possess is intended for general information only and should not be used as a substitute for seeking medical advice or treatment from the relevant and qualified Healthcare Provider. Neither does the information constitute as Legal or other professional advice.

The information that is given on this Site is not referencing you or anyone else personally, nor is it intended to be taken personally; or for you to make a self diagnosis based on anything that you may have read on this Site.


The Site may make reference to various Health Conditions and Symptoms, however it does not provide Medical Advice or Treatment Plans, or intends for you to stop any treatment or medication that you may already be recieving or taking.

If you have any health or treatment concerns; or are symptomatic please seek medical advice from a Qualified Physician or other qualified Healthcare Provider. Do not delay in seeking medical advice because of anything you may have read on this Site. 

If you think that you have a medical emergency, contact the Emergency Services, Vist your Nearest Hospital Emergency Department or Call Your Doctor.

If you are in crisis, get immediate  support - call someone you trust. Phone the Emergency Services if you think that you, or someone else is, or may be at risk from harm. 


Whilst we try to ensure that the information on this Site is accurate and timely, it may from time to time contain errors, so therefore should not be relied on as the sole reason for making a purchase. It is your responsibility to source more accurate and detailed information from relevant Professional Healthcare Providers prior to any purchase or diagnoisis.

Any information that is given on this site in relation to the History of Gemstones, their Usage, Healing Properties and Health Symptoms/Conditions does not cover every aspect or detail.It is your responsibility to source further and more detailed information from Quaified and Releveant Healthcare Providers before making any decisions.  

We do not provide Crystal Healing Therapy, advertise ourselves as such or provide advice on this. It is your responsibility to source the information that is required from the relevant Healthcare Provider should you be using them for this purpose; and you do so at your own risk.


If you choose to replace in part, or in full any of your current treatment plans that you may be recieving or medication that you may be taking based on anything that you have read on this Site, then you do so at your own risk. 

We are not responsible for any advice or further information that you may have otherwise recieved from any other party or have sought through by other means.


  • Some products contain small parts and are a choking hazard so will not be suitable for very young children - this will be marked on the Product(s) it relates to. 

  • Some surfaces of the products have been given a textured surface using techniques such as Reticulation and Hammering using various Hammers. These finishes give the product it’s organic and rustic feel as well as providing an interesting finish to the metal (Silver) surface. They may be slightly rough to touch, however any metal that is in direct skin contact is smoothed /polished to ensure comfort and is made so that it cannot snag or catch.

  • Some pieces such as Bracelets may have a 'break point' (an unsoldered Jump Ring usually connected to the fastening). This is done on purpose so that the piece 'breaks' should it get caught accidently and pulled harshly, thereby minimising the risk of you becoming hurt ot injured. 

We do not hold responsibility if the product is not handled with care or used for its intended purpose in a safe way


Products and Services 

We may at any time Withdraw, Discontinue, Change, Restrict or Ammend any Product or Service without notice if we feel that it is in the best interest for the Customer and Business; we no longer can supply the Product; or it is required by Law for us to do so.

Commission Work

When considering a Commission keep in mind your budget and have a think about what you are looking for, and what appeals or inspires you - maybe it's a particular style, a texture, a particular stone, colours, the type of metal you want, a season. If you can, draw some sketches, or let us know of any pictures that you have seen on this Site as reference, and together we will come up with a design that is totally individual to you, and one that I can create.

Any Commission that is undertaken will be subject to a seperate Contract between you and ourselves. The Contract will outline the work that has been agreed with a copy of the approved design, timescale for the piece to be created in, price involved, contact times and points to discuss the progress of your Commission, any changes to the original design as the piece evolves and Copyright.


It is standard that a 50% non-refundable deposit shall be taken upon signing the contract. Exceptions apply and the deposit will be refunded if:

  • You wish to cancel and the work has not yet started on the piece.

  • The work that has already been started can be incorporated or changed to another design.                      


 The remaining balance is to be paid on completion of the work. Cancellations, Returns or Refunds are not accepted as it is a Commissioned piece, unless faulty or we can offer to repair it for you (free of charge) if the fault lies with us.

Please note that additional charges may be applied if the design is changed or additional requests are made to the piece as it's being made to cover any additional costs or time that the piece may then require. This will be discussed with you at the time and the contract will be ammended to reflect any changes that may have occured before proceeding with the work.

  Any work that is carried out must be within our skillset and what we feel that we can offer you. It will be clearly stated to you  if we are unable to carry out a particular style or technique. We may for any reason refuse a Commission, or we may, for any reason not take on any Commission work. You will be advised of any waiting time that you may experience before we are able to take on your Commission.

We will not consider any designs that are in breach of copyright, and it may result us in terminating any contract or service to you if you ask us to do so. 


This Website and it’s contents is copyright to © Anna Davy Jewellery 2020-2022.  You may not reproduce, distribute or commercially exploit any part of this site or it’s content for any purpose. You may only download or print extracts to a local hard disk for your personal and non-commercial use, or you may copy to individual third parties but only if you acknowledge the Website as the source of the material.


Changes to Terms and Conditions

Anna Davy Jewellery reserves the right to change and modify any information, at any time as deemed necessary to any of its Terms and Conditions to reflect both the needs of the business and to meet current Legislation.


Any changes will be notified on this site  so that you are aware of changes that have been made, as of immediate effect from the date of the change(s). It will be assumed that you have accepted the terms of The Terms and Conditions on first use after any changes that have been made. It is recommended that you check back on this page to ensure that you are kept up to date.