- It is said that it is the Gemstone that pulls you, and that there are reasons as to why a certain stone could be pulling you. Maybe it is reflecting aspects of your character or it may have the energy that you look for in a certain moment of your life. Sometimes they will stay with you, or it is said that they will leave you in some way when their time is done and when you move onto the next chapter. Whether you believe this or not, there is no doubt that Gemstones are truly beautiful just as they are.

The Story Starts and the Journey Begins


Having first entered the world of Silversmithing over ten years ago, I then went on to do an apprenticeship with a renowned Jeweller and Silversmith Tony Thomson, not realising where this journey would take me. I simply loved creating and working with metal and was inspired by what could be created using a few simple tools, a pair of hands, and some heat. Working in mainly Sterling Silver using Traditional Silversmithing and Cuttlefish Bone Casting Techniques, the pieces often incorporate Semi-Precious Gemstones, or other materials that are found around us such as a piece of Slate, Pebble or Sea Glass. These are often used as the focal point and whereby the story starts as the piece begins to evolve and what it may mean to you, as the wearer.

The Raw Beauty

The pieces often take an organic appearance, which do not come highly polished and are not mass-produced. They are individually handcrafted offsetting the rawness of nature with the beauty that Gemstones have to offer.

Whichever piece you choose, in whichever style speaks to you, it is an honor and privilege for me to be able to work with you on finding a piece that tells a part of your story. 


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