Frequently asked questions

Why does Silver Tarnish?

Silver is a soft metal that can scratch easily and tarnishes over time. Sterling Silver is made from 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Other Alloys - it’s primarily the Copper in these other alloys which can cause the Silver to tarnish when being exposed to moisture in the air.

Tarnishing is a process that happens where the Silver reacts to elements in the environment causing it to turn different colours - from light yellow to black. The speed in which the piece will tarnish depends on the conditions and level of exposure Below are a few factors that causes the silver to tarnish or react.

Air - The level of humidity in the air will determine the speed at which the silver tarnishes.

Sunlight and Heat for prolonged periods - it;s also important to note that these elements and sudden changes in temperatures can cause some gemstones to become very unhappy!

Chlorine - Swimming Pools, Air Around The Pool and Other Chemicals that contain small amounts of chlorine can all cause the silver to react and turn the silver black

Sea Water - can tarnish or dull your piece - silver also doesn’t like salt very much as it can cause it to corrode over time

Chemicals Found in Cleaning Products and Other Products that we use daily such as Perfumes, Body Lotions, Soaps, Shampoos etc can affect the rates in which tarnishing may occur.

Acidity Levels - Your own PH Level in your skin can determine the level and rates at which a piece may tarnish.

Acidic foods or acid found in products such as tissues

How To Clean, Polish and Sore Your Jewellery

Wearing the piece regularly can actually help to keep the jewellery from tarnishing as the natural oils in your skin can help to clean it and keep it’s shine!

The most important thing to remember is to be gentle when cleaning and polishing your piece - harsh rubbing and harsh cleaning products (including some homemade remedies) can cause damage to both the Silver and Gemstones - from scratching to dulling the surfaces.

Use a soft toothbrush and gentle washing up liquid in luke warm water (not suitable for some Gemstones or Pearls) - rinse and dry afterwards. Do not scrub or submerge your jewellery in the water, especially porous Gemstones and Pearls as this will distort the colour and cause them to loose their lustre. It is important to get to know your Gemstone and the best way to clean them.

The simplest way to Polish is to use a silver polishing cloth which is easily obtained, and to gently rub and buff the piece. Do not use tissues on the piece as it can cause scratches to both the Silver and Gemstones. Please note some Commercial Cleaning Products can be too harsh and cause damage or destroy more porous Gemstones and remove Patinas

When storing your jewellery try to make sure that the pieces don't rub together or cause tangling. It is best to keep them away from each other and store them in air tight containers, plastic zipped bags or pouches away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture, ensuring that the pieces are throroughly dry before storing.

How To Clean Oxidised Silver

Oxidised Silver is a finish that has been intentionally given to the metal to create the black surface (or other range of colour), so it it best to just gently clean using a mild washing up liquid and toothbrush if needed with as little rubbing as possible or to buff the piece lightly with a polishing cloth - anything more or using other cleaning compounds or dips for use on Silver Pieces can strip away and ruin the look of this finish.

It is important to note that the Oxidised Finish will change/wear off over time as it is only a surface treatment and happens as a result of ‘wear and tear’ of the piece. How long that will be depends on the type of the piece. the amount of wear it has had and how much contact it has had with its surroundings (your own chemical make up may also play a part)- however the finish can be easily reapplied (I will provide this service for free if the piece has been purchased from me).


Sustainability is one of our core values - from creating a piece of jewellery to the packaging we use: -There is no 'waste' as every bit of metal is used - from off cuts of silver sheet and wire to the silver dust that is made when filing. 'Scrap' that is deemed as too small to make anything with, gets melted down and used for Cuttlefish Bone Casting and the silver dust is used by fusing it to a back to create textures. -We strive to ensure that the Gemstones we use are ethically and responsibly sourced using trusted suppliers who share these ethics. -We aim to keep Packaging as eco-friendly and as minimal as possible whilst still ensuring that your jewellery piece remains protected. All of our packaging is made from recycled or biodegradable materials, or it can be reused. We have a range of simple, yet elegant Gift and Pillow Boxes to suit the individual needs of the pieces, or they may lend themselves to being carefully wrapped in an acid free Tissue Paper Parcel and placed in an Organza Gift Bag.

Are Pieces Hallmarked?

As one cannot tell how pure the Precious Metal content is by looking or touching it, It is therefore a legal requirement to have pieces independently tested if they are above a certain weight if they are to be described and sold as that metal.

Sterling Silver Pieces that are over 7.78g are Hallmarked by the London Assay Office. Any pieces that fall below this weight are exempt from Hallmarking so will come to you unmarked or it may carry my Maker's Mark. Underweight pieces may still be Hallmarked if they are deemed to be a 'one off' and will be stated in the product description if they carry a Hallmark.

If you have any queries on Hallmarking, contact us and we will be happy to answer any further queries.

How do I Measure My Ring Size?

It can be tricky to get an accurate ring size and there can still be slight differences whichever method you use. We would recommend getting either an existing ring measured or have the finger you want to wear the ring on measured by a jeweller.

Alternatively we have a low cost reusable Multisizer available to purchase from this Site which may be the simplest way of getting your ring size - and one that you can then keep for any future Ring purchases that you may want to make online.

In some instances, I may send out a mock up of the ring shank to ensure that it is the correct fit as it may not always be possible to resize a finished Ring- especially one which has been set with Gemstones.

How Do I Measure My Bangle Size?

Hold your hand out making sure that all your fingers are touching. Pull your thumb in as far as you can into the palm of your hand - it should look like you’re about to put on a bangle.Use a tape measure/piece of string and wrap it around the widest part of your hand making sure that it stays snuggly around. Note the measurement or measure out the piece of string to give you the circumference.

Which Chain Styles and Lengths Have You Got Available?

We have got Sterling Silver Snake, Trace and Curb Chains available in 16" and 18" lengths - simply choose the style and length that you feel would best compliment your Pendant from the drop down menu.


Having a piece that is based on your specifications, or a piece that we can work on together to make it 'yours', in whichever form it takes, is truly special. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What is Cuttlefish Bone Casting?

We use Cuttlefish Casting in some of our pieces. It is an ancient technique that involves making a cast using cuttlebone. A mold is handcarved into the cuttlebone and molten silver is poured into it. It brings unpredicatble results, making each piece truly unique and bringing with it a natural feel from the distinct patterns that are left by the cuttlebone.

COVID-19 Cleaning & Hygiene and Safe Handling of Products Procedures

The safety of everyone is our priority. Extra Cleaning & Hygiene Measures and Safe Handling of Products Procedures have been put into place to ensure that we can keep you as safe as possible. As this is a one person business, I am able to control the handling of products in an effective manner by: -Ensuring that all tools, studio area and touch points are cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis. -All new products and materials that are required to make and ship the item to you are quarantined for one week prior to using them. -Ensuring that all products and materials that are not required for the specific job in hand remain securly stored in suitable containers to minimise the risk of exposure and transmission. -Any Returns are kept separate from In Stock Items; quarantined for one week before being cleaned and stored away securely. Items that cannot be resold due to hygiene reasons shall be handled/disposed of in the appropiate manner. Items that normally could be resold shall remain suspended from future sales. -Disposable gloves are worn when handling in srock and made to order items. -Regular Handwashing and Hand Sanitising takes place. -Suspend Services where Social Distancing can't be maintained (Workshops) With many thanks and stay safe everyone.