With its freeform shape and texture, this Sterling Silver Cuttlebone Cast Pendant has a raw and organic feel about it that beautifully captures and reflects the light. The Pendant makes a subtle statement whilst still being suited for everyday wear. The back of the Pendant has been filed and sanded smooth to provide contrast with the front of the Pendant.


Cuttlebone Casting is an ancient technique that involves making a cast using cuttlebone. A mold is handcarved into the cuttlebone and molten silver is poured into it. It brings unpredicatble results, making each piece truly unique and bringing with it a natural feel from the distinct patterns that are left by the cuttlebone.


Overall Pendant size is approximately 20mm x 10mm (excluding Chain Ring) at widest points.

Comes suspended from an 18" Sterling Silver Curb Chain with a Sterling Silver Bolt Ring Fastener.


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Sterling Silver Cuttlebone Cast Pendant